Spraying for Zika Virus Affects Autistic Children

I have received call after call from parents of autistic children who are frantic about the spraying of insecticides and larvicides for the zika virus.  These children have developed seizures, rashes, insomnia, and behavioral issues that started with the spraying of the insecticides and larvicides used for mosquito control relating to the zika virus.  Children in states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona are especially hard hit by the spraying.  The effect it is having on the immune system of these already fragile children is very serious.  My office has been able to develop homeopathic remedies for the specific larvicides and pesticides being sprayed in each area and this has helped.

Autistic children in the areas where there is heavy spraying are going backwards, not forwards.  I am absolutely appalled by suggestions from medical officials who advise pregnant women to “spray their body down” with insecticides every day before going outside.  Not one of those so called officials have bothered to alert these women about the negative side effects of insecticides on the unborn fetus or the mother’s health. Insecticides mimic hormones, and therefore could possibly cause a rise in hormone related cancers, such as breast cancer.  There are many natural mosquito repellants, but I do not hear any government official promoting these.  (Some of the most influential lobbyists in Washington represent pesticide and insecticide manufacturers!)  I urge expectant mothers and anyone with a weakened immune system to seek alternative, more natural, insect repellants

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