Nourish Your Gut with Camel Milk

The bacteria present in our gut plays an important role in our health. They are responsible for over 80% of our immune cells as well as regulate our neurotransmitter levels. These microbes regulate inflammation by helping our bodies utilize the essential nutrients found in our food.

The majority of the neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in our gut. Serotonin affects our moods. It is necessary to combat depression and anxiety.

A healthy gut ecosystem enables us to handle any “bad” gut bacteria. Scientists have discovered that the “good” bacteria or probiotics have positive results on gut microbes. Camel milk is rich with several strains of beneficial bacteria, and camel kefir seems to be even more plentiful in probiotics. Daily consumption of camel milk and/or camel kefir are beneficial for many gut ailments. Try drinking it daily to maintain a healthy good environment.

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