New Super High Antioxidant Camel Milk

Most patients with illnesses such as autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Lyme’s and others usually have elevated anti-stress markers which are indicative of low levels of antioxidants.  As medical professionals we strive to raise low levels of antioxidants with nutritional supplements, such as vitamins A, C, and E.  But these supplements are synthetic and not whole food sources, which may or may not be utilized by the body due to malabsorption and the inability of nutrients to penetrate cell walls in order to deliver nutrients into the cells to help repair cellular damage and to assist with healing and improved immunity.


Over the past 6 months I have been working to develop a super high antioxidant camel milk.  The results have been phenomenal!  I contacted my friend and colleague, Dr. Babar Khan, DVM, M.Sc (Hons.), DLA (USA).  Dr. Khan is chief veterinarian at Tharb Camel Hospital and Research Center in Qatar.  He agreed to partner with me in the study.  I researched and worked with a specific plant which we introduced into the camel’s daily diet.  Dr. Khan formulated the correct plant dosage and we then developed a special camel feed.  Ten camel were isolated for a six-week study.  The camel were divided into 2 groups of five camel each.  Dr. Khan fed Group A the normal camel feed, and Group B was fed our special feed.  Dr. Khan tested the camel weekly and the lab results were amazing!  Not only did the special feed improve the camel’s health in Group B while Group A showed no improvement in health, but there was over a 50% increase in antioxidant levels within just 6 weeks!


Why is this so important for the camel industry?  Why are the results so significant for patients?  Just imagine creating a super milk with high levels of antioxidants and immunoglobulins, but most importantly a super camel milk!  Why camel milk and not goat or cow?  The shape and size of camel antibodies are unlike cow and goats.  Camel antibodies have the ability to penetrate cells and cross the brain barrier, thereby transporting vital nutrients into damaged cells and helping to strengthen weakened immune systems.  This super milk would be crucial for patients with cancer, autism, Lyme’s, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s and more.  The elevated level of immunoglobulins would make this camel milk superior over any other milk for nutritional values and healing properties.


Here is the bad news!  The milk is not currently being produced or sold anywhere in the world.  We have a patent pending and hope to make the milk available worldwide.  Conducting research studies is very expensive.  Dr. Khan and I are currently seeking grants and funding to further develop the milk.  We hope to make it available within the very near future.  For more questions about the milk or to participate in a future study with the milk please feel free to contact my office at 919-561-1545.

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