Phospholipids for a Healthy Immune System

Phospholipids are fatty acids found in our “fat” cells.  Why are they so important?

  1. They regulate the production of cell enzymes.
  2. They add a protective layer of insulation around nerve endings in order to promote healthy nerve impulses.
  3. They are used by the body as a source of energy for cell metabolism.
  4. They form the plasma membranes found in every cell of the body.  These membranes protect cells from toxic exposures.
  5. Phospholipids have the ability to control our cell’s response to outside stress, such as pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and more.  If the cell membrane is healthy, then our genes will remain healthy.
  6. Phospholipids stop inflammatory cytokines from compromising our immune system.


Healthy cells need B vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids daily.  Proper balances of fatty acids in our diet is crucial in preventing illness, such as heart disease, Crohn’s disease, Lyme disease, diabetes, cancer, colitis, Alzheimer’s, autism and more.  Many of the toxins we are exposed to daily are stored in our “fat” cells.  These toxins can cause damage to our cells.  Toxins, such as drugs, vaccines, pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals produce neurotoxic reactions.  The cells attempt to rid themselves of these toxins which then result in inflammation.  These toxins can attach to our DNA thereby contributing to damage DNA.


How do we prevent inflammation and damage to our DNA?  We do this with phospholipid therapy which acts as a natural antioxidant to control toxic overload.  Any nutritional deficiencies must also be addressed for cell membranes to remain healthy.  A healthy diet with fatty acids, such as those found in camel milk, help, as well as added phosphatidylcholine, B vitamins, glutathione, magnesium and zinc.  Consult with your physician to request a fatty acid analysis to determine any deficiencies.

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