Dr. Millie Hinkle
Dr. Millie Hinkle

Camel Milk USA, a company founded by Dr. Millie Hinkle, ND, is devoted to the research, development, sales, and promotion of camel milk and camel milk products in the United States.

Millie Hinkle, ND, DH, HHP, has been in practice since 1987. Having received her training in the U.S., Germany, and France, she is board-certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Other certifications include a Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She also holds a nursing degree, has training in Radiology, and an associate degree of applied science in dental hygiene. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education. She has also held memberships in the National Health Federation, the American Preventative Medical Association, and the Coalition for Natural Health.

Dr. Hinkle is nationally known for her work and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. She has lectured across the U.S. and Canada. She has had articles published about her works in Healing Retreats and Spas, The American Massage Therapy Association’s Massage Therapy Journal, The Olive Leaf extract by Dr. Morton Walker, The Wall Street Journal as well as numerous other newspapers across the U.S. Dr. Hinkle is available for teaching and speaking engagements throughout the U.S. and abroad.

American Camel CoalitionAmerican Camel Coalition
Dr. Hinkle also has founded the American Camel Coalition, an organization composed of camel owners and breeders here in the United States. The Coalition acts as an agent to introduce and support laws and legislation that benefit camel owners and their rights. It also acts as a resource center for information about the importation and sale of camels, camel milk products, the establishment of camel dairies, and as a referral source for potential camel buyers.

Dr. Hinkle has finished with the new protocol for all of the dairies under the Coalition. They are all required to have their camels tested for Tuberculosis and Brucellosis as well as parasites and other pathogens common to camels. Each dairy must present proof from a veterinarian of the camel’s health record.

Dr. Hinkle meets with Coalition members to ensure that packaging meets approved standards and to recommend regulated prices so that sales across the U.S. are uniform. Dr. Hinkle cautions that milk from dairies that are not members of the American Camel Coalition do not necessarily meet their standards and individuals should check to make sure that the camel has been tested and that the milk is safe to drink.

“We want the public to feel safe when they are drinking milk from any of the dairies that are members of the Coalition,” states Hinkle. Camel Milk USA also works closely with other camel dairies throughout the world to promote and import their camel milk and camel milk products for use here.

Hinkle has started the first ever pedigree database for camel in the U.S. In the past camel owners have been unaware if they are breeding camels that are closely related to one another, because there has been no record of pedigree kept. Hinkle aims to change this by requiring all members of the Coalition to keep records of their camels and to tag each camel. The database is kept on file with the Coalition and with each individual camel owner. This will enable us to have better breeding and stronger genetic links among the camel population in the U.S. (there are only approximately 3,000 camel in the U.S.).

International Camel Advisory Board
The International Camel Advisory Board is made up of camel experts from around the world who give freely of their time and advice. The members are helpful with information in the field of research and development, from breeding to the proper feed to milking techniques. The camel industry is fortunate to have this great resource available.

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