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Cautions for Drinking Camel Milk

I am often asked if there are any reasons for not consuming camel milk.  There are several points that should be considered: Iron Levels – If your iron levels are elevated, then you will need to monitor them if you are consuming camel milk on a regular basis.  I suggest lowering the iron levels slightly […]

Dr. Hinkle Cautions Against Camel Milk and Anesthesia

“Patients undergoing any surgery requiring anesthesia should discontinue consuming camel milk”, warns Dr. Hinkle.  “There is a specific time frame that camel milk consumption must be discontinued before administering anesthesia. Elevated levels of anesthesia are needed for patients who consume camel milk on a regular basis”, states Dr. Hinkle.  She has been working with doctors […]

Two Year Study of Autism with Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has been working with autistic children in a camel milk study for the past 24 months. “The results were as expected,” states Dr. Hinkle. “All of the children improved unless they had documented casein allergies. I found that there was a return to some of the previous autism symptoms once the camel milk […]

Efforts in Australia

Thousands of Camel Coming to America from Australia Over the past 6 months Dr. Hinkle has been working with a representative for a group of investors from the UAE. “This group, Camilk, LLC, is looking to import thousands of camel from Australia into the U.S. over the next 5 years, according to their representative,” states […]

Efforts in Somalia

Over the past few years Dr. Hinkle has received many calls and emails from camel dairies and camel owners across Somalia asking for her help. Dr. Hinkle has spent the past 6 months interviewing camel owners, dairies, and government officials in Somalia. The main concern voiced by the camel industry in that country is the […]

Projects for Camel Milk USA

Dr. Hinkle has been asked to be a participant in a 3 year study involving camel milk and camel milk products with Qatar. Dr. Hinkle is honored to have been asked to be the main speaker on therapeutic and nutritional values of camel milk in December, 2014 in Gujarat, India. Dr. Hinkle and Camel Milk […]

Camel Milk and Cancer Research

While working with cancer patients on the camel milk protocol, Dr. Hinkle became concerned that not all cancer patients tested well for the camel milk. “Several cancer patients did not test well for the camel milk, but did test well for donkey milk,” states Dr. Hinkle. Patients that tested well for donkey milk have had […]

Efforts in the United States

Until recently, it was a felony to sell camel milk in the U.S. In April 2009, Dr. Hinkle introduced a proposal to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Committee on Interstate Milk Shipments in Orlando, Florida. The proposal was to change the law to allow the “camelids” to be included in the dairy laws governing […]

Efforts in Africa

The U.S. government agreed recently to offer aid to the African nations of Somalia and Ethiopia for their camel industries. Dr. Hinkle has been in contact with U.S. senators and congressmen from her state of North Carolina to try and give her perspective on the camel industry in Africa. Dr. Hinkle feels that she is […]