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Camel Milk for Babies

Over the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to work with two critically ill babies. The effects of the camel milk were excellent but the end results were very different. Case 1: I was contacted by the parents of a 6 month old baby who had been born with a heart defect. He […]

Sea Weed Sea Salt Bath for Autism, Lyme, and more

For years doctors have recommended Epsom salt baths for patients. The magnesium found in Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Unfortunately it is not the correct magnesium for most patients. Patients do not test well on this magnesium. Patients need nutrients like magnesium to help their body detox, heal and for maintenance. Synthetic vitamins and minerals […]

Dr. Hinkle Increases Antioxidant Levels in Camel Milk

In the fall of 2016 Dr. Hinkle conducted a 6 week study utilizing a specific plant source to determine an increase in antioxidant levels in camel milk. She contacted her friend and colleague Dr. Babar Raza Khan, DMV, M.Sc. (Hons.) DLA (USA) to partner with her in the study. Dr. Khan’s position is chief Veterinarian […]

Camel Milk Allergy or Seasonal Allergy?

Recently several parents have called to ask if their child has become allergic to the camel milk due to runny nose, earache, etc.  In each case, since it is the pollen season, I have been able to walk the parent through the symptoms and we have been able to rule out the milk.  During the […]

Lyme Disease Symptoms Treated with Camel Milk

I am seeing such positive results with Lyme disease patients who are on the camel milk.  The joint pain and muscle fatigue seem to disappear and the gut issues dissipate usually within a few days to a few weeks.  The most impressive results have been in 2 of my patients who were experiencing seizures on […]