Pets are benefitting from the milk as well as humans. The owner of a valuable show dog was worried because the mother was unable to nurse her puppies. She had her veterinarian consult with Dr. Hinkle before putting the puppies on the milk. The owner sent a recent photo with the quote, “All puppies are […]


Dr. Hinkle has heard from several families with HIV/AIDS patients who tell her that their sons and daughters are thriving on the milk and it is giving them such relief from symptoms such as diarrhea and fatigue, etc. Dr. Hinkle is working to try and get a clinic in Africa to start a study with the […]

Crohn’s Disease

Several people diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease have contacted Dr. Hinkle to tell her of the great results they have had with the camel milk. One California resident told of being bedridden for two years before he was able to go to Israel to drink camel milk. Within five days, all of his symptoms had disappeared. […]


I have been contacted by several people with cancer. One man stated that he had Stage 4 prostate cancer seven years ago and that the doctors told him there was nothing else they could do. He started the camel milk and within three months there was no trace of the cancer. It has been seven years […]


Several autistic children are on the milk and are doing great. One mother says that within the first day her little boy started to have imaginary play with his toys and talking with them, something that most autistic children do not do. She was amazed because her little boy never played and spoke only a […]


We’ve heard from people with diabetes or who have a diabetic child: One little girl in Arizona, who is a Type I diabetic, took the milk for only 10 days and and went from four injections a day of insulin to one. Other diabetics are experiencing the same results. One person who is a Type II […]

Gulf War Syndrome

We’ve heard from people who have returned from serving in the Gulf region: My husband frightened me and I was afraid that he was going to hit me or the children or do harm to himself when he had his moods of anger and aggression that he developed after returning from the Gulf War. He […]

Gluten-Free Products vs. No Gluten

For years I have recommended diabetics and autistic children adhere to a gluten-free/casein-free diet. Initially I saw improvement in autistic children, but after a period of time the symptoms seemed to worsen sporadically and quite a few diabetics saw their glucose levels actually increase on this diet. I began to investigate and spent hours reading […]

Camel Milk Cream or Lotion

I am often asked if I know of a safe unscented camel milk cream or lotion. Of course, there are several good creams on the market, but for a simple homemade cream or lotion just try the following recipe: Ingredients: 1/2 cup vegetable oil: (grapeseed or avocado work well or you may try emu oil […]