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No! Many autistic children’s methylation pathways are compromised. I have seen many children who are worse on methylfolate. You might ask your physician if your child would do better on trimethyglycine. Make sure that your child is getting B12, magnesium, zinc and glutathione to help with methylation. The camel milk has elevated levels of B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc, which should help with methylation.

I have tested patients on camel urine, but find that I am having much success with my specific combination of camel colostrum with the camel milk. The results have been so impressive that I have not experimented with the urine. I have however worked with animals in compounding ointments for skin disorders with the camel urine antibodies and have seen positive results.

There has been no established correlation between the intake of camel milk and inhibited folic acid binding to FR alpha. Folinic acid, not folic acid is recommended. Antibiotics have been shown to block enzymes that convert folic acid to folinic acid. Many PANDAS children have been on antibiotics. Methylfolate would be recommended instead of folic acid for your child. Although, I have seen some children become worse when place on methylfolate. I have also seen many children get much better within a very short period of time on camel milk. Although, if your child has a diagnosed casein allergy, he may not do well on the milk.

Mast Cell disorder is an autoimmune disorder. Patients exhibit methylation imbalances with oxidative stress. Diets high in copper make this condition worse. Heavy metals and radiation can contribute to this disorder. Camel milk has elevated levels of zinc which counteracts elevated copper levels. The lactoferrin in the milk lowers oxidative stress markers. Camel milk should help. But I also recommend that you have a heavy metal challenge test to rule out heavy metals. This is a specific test and must be done correctly utilizing a chelating drug to determine heavy metal overload.

Great question! Of course you should be concerned! First of all beware of dairies that demand you pay them a fee to join some club to purchase their milk. According to the FDA this is not legal!! I always recommend that my patients purchase any milk from a Grade A dairy. These dairies test their milk daily and are subject to random government onsite inspections. The dairies that are not Grade A do not allow onsite government inspections of their facilities. Therefore, you have no way of knowing if the milk you receive has met the strict guidelines of local, state and federal sanitation procedures. Dairies can blog or advertise anything they wish. There is no way that you will ever know if they are meeting all the rules and regulations regarding proper sanitation procedures unless they are certified Grade A. Grade A dairies are also subjected to random inspections which means that inspections can be done without any notice at any time. That is why you know that all the Grade A dairies meet the strict sanitation methods to be able to retain their Grade A rating. Grade A dairies also sell raw as well as pasteurized milk here in the U.S. Call my office for one near you.

It is best to take the camel milk on an empty stomach. Camel milk acts as a carrying agent and combining it with some supplements can actually help, but combining camel milk with any herbal supplement can affect the effectiveness of both. Call my office for a consultation if you have questions regarding this issue.

Stop everything!! You have him on too high of a dosage of probiotics. 50 billion CFU’s is too high for an infant. Wait 3-5 days or until his ear clears up. Then restart only the camel milk again at a low dosage and gradually work up to the maintenance dosage. In my office I use probiotics with 5 billion CFU’s for infants who are also on the camel milk protocol. The camel milk also has probiotics and children can have negative side effects with elevated dosages of probiotics.

I am delighted to hear of the progress he has made due to the camel milk dosage I recommended for him. I placed your child on a specific dosage based on his specific health issues and supplements he needed to take and even some he needed to discontinue. If he drinks too high of a dosage he may develop diarrhea or even constipation or he may experience a “die off” effect that can be unpleasant. Therefore it is best to keep him on the specific dosage recommended for him. Each dosage is specific for each child.

Camel milk is a staple in the diet of many Somalian women. Camel milk is also a complete food with elevated levels of thyroxin which supports thyroid function and thereby other hormones.This could be another reason these women did so well on the milk. I suggest you contact my office for more information.

I have actually worked with a physician who was seeing a high rate of miscarriages in his patients from Somalia. He asked for my help with the camel milk. I worked with 5 women who had previously miscarried. I determined the correct dosage of milk for each of these patients and started them on a camel milk protocol and all 5 of the women delivered health full term babies with no complications.

Camel milk is a staple in the diet of many Somalian women. Camel milk is also a complete food with elevated levels of thyroxin which supports thyroid function and thereby other hormones.This could be another reason these women did so well on the milk. I suggest you contact my office for more information.

Yes, I am seeing some amazing results with the camel milk and Alzheimer’s patients. There are other factors that I also consider when working with these patients. First, they need several tests such as an amino acid panel,a heavy metal challenge test with mineral analysis as well as vitamin levels evaluated and they need to be tested for food allergies. All of my patients are on specific diets and supplements with the camel milk and an exercise program as well.

A recent study completed by a U.S. medical university demonstrated that Alzheimer’s patients who performed aerobics exercises were able to actually change their lab results for the better where as those patients who only did basic exercise such as walking, weights, or yoga had no significant change in their test scores. When we are able to combine the camel milk protocol with the exercise we see amazing results.

Possibly. You may need to ask his physician to check his iron and magnesium levels. Low levels of magnesium can cause some patients to be constipated, and elevated levels of iron can also cause constipation. Check any supplements the child is taking for iron. Camel milk is high in iron, and if the patient is taking a supplement with iron added, it may be too much. Many children reach a plateau on the camel milk, and if they have been on the milk 10 months or more, they may need to have their milk reduced to a lower maintenance dosage. Many autistic children are on prescription drugs for seizures, etc. These drugs can also cause constipation. To determine the correct maintenance dosage, you may call my office for a consultation.

Possibly. It is spring, and there is much pollen in the air. I suggest that you stop the milk to see if the runny nose and mucous disappear. It should take about 3 days (72 hours). I place my patients on homeopathic remedies for seasonal allergies. Patients are given the homeopathic remedy for the region of the country in which they live. For instance, patients in Arizona are given seasonal remedies for the southwestern part of the U.S. If the child improves on the remedy, then you may try the milk again. If the runny nose and mucous return, then your child probably has developed an allergy to the milk. I would also suggest testing your child for a casein allergy.

GcMAF enhanced camel milk is Dr. Hinkle’s formula that she has tested on patients with autism, Lyme disease, and cancer. Specific probiotics are grown in a camel milk culture for 48 hours. Specific vitamins and a lipid are added to the culture, which is then combined with a measured dosage of fresh camel milk. There is a specific ratio of GcMAF milk to fresh milk. The dosage is taken twice daily. The dosage must be specific or the patient may become overactive.

Contact Dr. Hinkle for a consultation at 919-928-0821. Dr. Hinkle has developed a special formula and is accepting all patients into her newest study. She is looking for patients with a variety of ailments to determine the overall effectiveness of the GcMAF formula for each illness.

GcMAF is a D-binding protein in humans responsible for a healthy immune system. Viruses, bacteria and cancer cells send out an enzyme called nagalase. This enzyme can prevent production of GcMAF. Low levels of GcMAF can result in the spread of cancer cells and viruses and bacteria can grow. GcMAF replacement therapy can help rebuild a suppressed immune system. Almost all patients with leaky guts have elevated levels of the enzyme nagalase and low levels of GcMAF.

I have seen many autistic children in my practice stop their seizures once they are on the correct dosage of the camel milk. It usually takes 4-8 weeks but may be longer for some children. Since your child’s seizures are so infrequent I would be interested to see if it was an exposure to a toxin like a pesticide or insecticide. I also check each child that comes into my office to determine if their atlas is misaligned. If that is a problem then I refer them to an atlas orthogonist. Many autistic children have their atlas’ out of alignment. This is a simple procedure to remedy and the results can be amazing. I will warn you that this is not a manual adjustment and a true atlas orthogonist does not use his hands to “adjust” the atlas. make sure you are going to a professionally trained doctor to adjust the atlas properly. You may contact my office if you have any questions. Adjusting an atlas that is misaligned can stop seizures if they are related, improve sleep patterns and help with behavioral and coordination problems. I also recommend weekly sessions witha crainosacral massage therapist. Crainosacral massage is a great therapeutical procedure for calming the child’s nervous system and improving sleep and behavioral patterns.

Yes and no. Most cancer patients need elevated dosages of camel milk but it should be started in low dosages and then gradually increased. I think that you introduced too much too quickly and caused a “die off” effect. The rash may be a symptom of that. Second, I test all cancer patients in my office for elevated iron levels and if the levels are high then I do not start the patient of the milk until the levels are lowered. High levels of iron can make certain types of cancer grow. I also do not recommend any sweetener; not even organic maple syrup; for cancer patients because sugar can make cancer cells grow. There is also the possibility that your relative might be allergic to the casein in the milk and this may have caused the rash. Test for casein allergies.

Of course he gets worse! I have seen this over and over in my practice with autistic children and diabetes who switch to gluten free products when I ask that they remove gluten from their diets. Gluten free products are usually higher in carbs than gluten containing products and this can cause blood sugar levels to spike. There are usually additives in gluten free products to enhance the taste. Gluten free products are not good for diabetics, autistic children or cancer patients. Try a modified Paleo diet and I think that you will see better results. When patients maintain a diet free of packaged and processed foods and eat a diet that is loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats; I see amazing results.

First, make sure that you do not have a casein allergy. If you are allergic to casein then you might be allergic to the casein in camel milk. If you have a lactose allergy then you should be okay on the milk. Do not combine the camel milk with other dairy products such as cow or goat. Some medications and herbal remedies can raise blood sugar levels. Some heart medications list diabetes as a side effect of the medication. Supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine have been shown to raise blood sugar levels. Finally, have a heavy metal challenge test done to determine if there is a problem with heavy metals. I have seen several patients blood sugar levels go up for a short period of time once they start the milk and then the levels return to normal; I suggest you set up a consultation with my office if you have further concerns.

I am aware of the specific fatty acid that you are giving your child and have seen quite a few autistic children’s symptoms worsen on certain brands of fatty acids. I suggest stopping the supplement for 72 hours to see if the symptoms lessen. If not, then try stopping the camel milk.  Based on the many cases I have seen, it is probably the fatty acid. The symptoms you describe are what we have seen in other autistic children who have reacted negatively to this specific supplement. Most autistic children do better on only one fatty acid at a time instead of a combination. Also, remember fatty acids should be taken with protein meals for better assimilation.

Alan Ketover, M.D., at The Valley Clinic in the Phoenix, Arizona area has been working with autistic children for more than 20 years. If I had a child on the autism spectrum or a child with diabetes or with gut problems, Dr. Ketover would be the first person I call.

During spring and summer, most autistic children’s symptoms worsen. Why? Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides being sprayed could be one explanation. Another possible reason for the symptoms is if any new supplements or medications have been introduced, or even any home repairs, such as painting, new carpet, etc. Also, we do see many children that after being on the milk for a period of time need to reduce their dosages. I suggest stopping any new supplements that have been added for 72 hours; if this does not work then also stop the milk for 72 hours. If the symptoms still persist, then check to see if any lawns have been sprayed in your area or farm crops. No home or lawn of any autistic child should be sprayed or treated with chemicals. In my office, we have each of my patients on a pesticide and insecticide remedy for the spring and summer months, which seems to help.

I understand that there are some distributors who buy the milk at a reduced price from the dairy and then raise the price for sale to the customer to make a profit. I believe in the right for anyone to have a business and have nothing against anyone who is trying to make a living, but I work with parents of autistic children and other patients every day who are struggling financially to make ends meet due to the high cost of medical care, and I personally do not believe in gouging them further. I recommend you call my office for a dairy that sells the milk at the usual price of approximately $10 per pint. Would you buy groceries for almost twice the price at one grocery store when you could get it for much less at another?

First, I always recommend chelation if it is done correctly. I have never seen any negative cases in my practice. I have heard of parents blogging that their child got worse on chelating drugs, but when I have questioned some of these parents, it is just the symptoms of the heavy metals being chelated out of the tissues and circulated in order to eliminate them from the body. Many times the child is not on the supplements needed to support the detoxification process.

There are several new things in combination that are having good results in the elimination of heavy metals, including the Paleo Diet, specific supplements, chelation with DMPS, DMSA, or EDTA. But with parents who do not wish to do the traditional chelation drugs, we are seeing excellent results with heavy metals being excreted in the urine using specific supplements, then following them with BioSyntonie and waiting 15 minutes and following with FIRS (Far Infared Sauna) for only 10 minutes. For the best sources, call my office at 919-928-0821 for a recommendation. Saunas can be loaded with glues, etc., and very expensive. We can recommend the one that we use as well as the BioSyntonie.

We have had good results with the Alzheimer’s patients that we have been able to work with. There are several things I would recommend: the maple syrup, camel milk and the right fatty acids, such as avocados, olive oil and walnuts. Try drizzling a little maple syrup over an avocado for breakfast. I would recommend working with a doctor that is a member of ACAM. These doctors can test for heavy metals, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and amino acid levels. These tests will give you a lot of answers. Also very important is that the individual be on a gluten-free and casein-free diet. Many patients are diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s who have gluten or casein intolerance and most have elevated heavy metal levels. I have spoken with doctors who have followed this protocol and Alzheimer’s patients return to a normal life outside of a care facility. There needs to be more research done on more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia with this protocol.

Absolutely NOT!!!!  I would never recommend that as a starting dosage for the milk. Anyone can blog anything, but I can assure you that I would never recommend that as a starting dosage to anyone. Also keep in mind that every patient is different and therefore the dosage is different depending upon the age, weight, supplements and prescriptions a patient is taking. If you have questions or are not sure, please call the office and we will try and help, or you may set up a consultation by calling 919-928-0821.

Each individual is different and each illness requires a different amount. You must mix the maple syrup with specific nutraceuticals into a paste and then you must wait a specific amount of time before taking the camel milk. The maple syrup paste must take effect, then be followed by a protein such as the camel milk, for the results we have obtained in my office. Just combining the camel milk and maple syrup will not get the best results. I have used maple syrup in my office for more than 28 years, and with the milk for the last five years, and the results are even more impressive with the maple syrup paste.

No, it is not legal according to the FDA and the USDA. The FDA has stated that it is not legal to charge anyone a fee to sell raw milk and ship it across state lines. Several dairies across the U.S. have been shut down and even the members (parents) were taken to court because of this practice. I suggest that you check with your FDA and USDA representatives and report this if you are being required to pay a fee or sign papers to join a private club in order to obtain camel milk. You may contact Camel Milk USA at 919-928-0821 for a dairy that does not demand a fee.

Let me again state that the law in the U.S. is that many states are allowed to sell milk raw within a state, but the milk is required to be pasteurized if it is shipped across state lines. I personally feel that anyone who wants milk, whether it be raw or pasteurized, should be able to buy it as long as they are aware of the possible dangers, and whether I drink pasteurized or raw milk, I would want to be sure that it is free of pathogens.

Absolutely not true!!!!  I have several Amish children I am presently treating for autism. There may not be as many Amish children with autism as the general population because many Amish parents do not believe in vaccinations and avoid them if they can. Not only do Amish children have autism, they also have another autoimmune disorder similar to autism that children outside the Amish communities do not seem to have. Research is being conducted to determine why Amish children develop this immune disorder.

Just because a filling is not mercury does not mean that it is nonreactive to your child. Many composites (white fillings) are as bad or worse for causing reactions as the mercury.

In my practice I recommend that each patient have a dental compatibility test done. This is a blood test that will determine the least-reactive and the most-reactive dental materials for your child. This is extremely important. Many patients have had the same reaction as your child and have demanded the fillings be removed and replaced with one that was more biocompatible and the symptoms disappeared completely.

A medical doctor friend of mine had his fillings done with a new composite material recommended by his dentist, and he became so ill that he was bedridden and could not work and lost over 20 pounds in just two weeks. His wife called to ask for my help. I tested him and found that the dental fillings were the culprit. I called his dentist and asked that he remove the fillings and replace them with one that I recommended. The dentist agreed, and the doctor was immediately relieved of his symptoms and was back at work the next day.

As someone who has had extensive training in the dental field (I have a degree in dental hygiene), I feel that I am qualified to speak on the topic of fluoride treatments as well. I personally had to be detoxed because I had elevated levels of fluoride in my body due to fluoride treatments. I would not want my autistic child to have fluoride treatments. Children should use a safe toothpaste, such as one found in health food stores. The brush should be soft, and be sure to replace the brush every 30 days to prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Soak toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide overnight to help with any bacteria buildup, and be sure to rinse the brush thoroughly before using it again. Always floss the child’s teeth daily to remove food debris and plaque buildup. All of these preventative measures will help your child’s teeth.

Several things may be going on, therefore let me run through the list that I use with patients in my office.

1.) No snacks after dinner, except camel milk. Food puts stress on the liver and pancreas and gallbladder. Not having to digest food while sleeping gives the digestive system a rest. If you or your child usually wakes up during the middle of the night around 3:00, it is usually a sign that the liver is stressed.

2.) Absolutely no computer games after 3:00 in the afternoon. Studies show that being exposed to a computer for extended periods of time can affect the brain waves and melatonin levels. I have a video of a child having seizures each time he is placed in front of a computer screen. Children need to be in a calm state, not a hyper-excited state, for sleeping. I am very concerned about parents who use computers as a babysitting aid, especially for autistic children.

3.) No supplements or medications with the evening meal. All supplements should be divided between breakfast and lunch. Taking supplements at night puts more stress on the liver and pancreas at the time the child needs to rest. Our bodies heal during our sleeping hours. A child’s liver and pancreas and gallbladder need no additional stress during this time. Some supplements, such as B vitamins, can give you more energy, and therefore make you less likely to sleep.

4.) Make sure that the room is completely dark. If a nightlight is required because the child is afraid of the dark, then try using a sleep mask. Most children love these. They can be found in beauty supply stores or in stores that sell luggage and travel accessories. Make sure to wash them several times to remove any scents or chemical residue. You may also just make your own out of organic cotton. Children think these are special and soft and start to feel “safe” when wearing them.

Weighted blankets can also help, but the child may get too warm during the night and wake up, which defeats the purpose. Rugs can mute outside noises. Reading before bedtime helps to calm and relax the child. Many parents find that a “white noise” machine helps. Always make sure that the head of the bed is facing north. Studies have shown that the pull of gravity can move heavy metals while sleeping if the head is facing south. Studies have also shown that cancer rates are higher in people who sleep with their beds facing south. Do not use any mattresses with magnets nor place any magnets around the child. Magnets can pull or move heavy metals into the brain, and I have seen children who were placed on mattresses with magnets develop seizures and when removed from the mattresses the seizures disappeared.

5.) Make sure that all electrical gadgets, such as computers, are not near the child. Make sure that anything electrical is at least six feet or more from the child’s bed, and no scented fragrances are in the room or on the sheets. Organic cotton sheets really make a big difference in the ability to relax. There is pesticide residue in sheets that are not organic.

6.) Do not use any scented soaps or body lotions on your child before bedtime or at any time for that matter. They overstimulate the nervous system and can cause reactions that you may be unaware of in your child.

7.) Fluorescent lights and the new energy-efficient light bulbs are not good for autistic children. The new energy-efficient light bulbs have mercury in them, and I have had comments from parents who state that their children’s symptoms were worse after they installed the bulbs, and when they removed the bulbs, the children’s symptoms lessened.

8.) I also encourage parents to allow their autistic children to wear tinted sunglasses. Bright light affects autistic children’s sensory system. Make sure that you leave any new plastic sunglasses out in the sunlight for several days, so that any smells or chemicals will out-gas from the glasses.

Yes, I am aware of the diet you are describing. I have been in practice for almost 30 years and have worked with many doctors and have seen many autistic children recover from the symptoms of autism without this diet.

There are several things that bother me with this diet. First of all, bones of any kind, even organic meat bones, can have residue of lead and arsenic and to boil this and then drink the broth is not something I would recommend for my patients. I have tested hundreds and hundreds of patients and have found that the Whole Foods 365 Brand Organic Chicken Broth tests very well with patients. I feel that parents of autistic children have so much on their plate already that they do not need to increase the stressful load with such a restrictive diet.

I do not recommend honey because it is a fact that honey can cause blood sugar levels to spike in autistic children, and raw honey has been found to have aflatoxins and mold if not handled properly. Honey has a very high glycemic factor, and I recommend Grade B maple syrup instead. I like the Whole Foods 365 Brand Grade B Organic Maple Syrup. It tests well with all children. Some children (about 70%) test well on agave, but I personally do not like the smoky taste of the agave. It is fine if your child is not allergic. Both the maple syrup and agave have low glycemic factors.

Many children have allergies to milk and staying off milk for just a few weeks or even a few months will not change that fact. Camel milk does not have the same casein or protein as is found in goat and cow milk. Some children are also allergic to camel milk, but if they are not allergic they can use it daily with great results.

I suggest that a diet free of casein, gluten, soy, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, and rotating the foods every  four days is a better and less restrictive method. Whole foods that are high in fiber and fatty acids, as well as nutrient-rich are the best. Try to incorporate as many different fruits and vegetables as you can into your child’s diet. Also, try to use only organic, and allow as much raw fruits and vegetables as your child will tolerate to ensure getting the enzymes that are needed, and always use only antibiotic-hormone-free meats.

Yes, but the chelating drugs you mentioned are best and I might add that I have never had any negative reactions to the chelating drugs in my office. I have received calls from parents of autistic children saying that their child got worse on the drugs. This is normal, because the heavy metals are being pulled from the tissues and put into circulation to remove them from the body. When this happens the symptoms may be slightly worse.

In my office I do not have these problems, because I use supplements and homeopathics to alleviate these problems. Reduced L’glutathione should be increased for two to three days after chelation and during the chelation days. In my office I use sodium alginate, but not just any alginate. There are many alginates on the market, but not all of them test well with autistic children. I use a specific brand that is organic as well. Alginate is derived from seaweed. You may call for a consultation if you have further questions at 919-928-0821.

For many patients I have also had to incorporate apple pectin, and again let me state that not all apple pectins test well. Each pectin is different. Some autistic children have elevated levels of cholesterol and apple pectin works well with many patients, but must be taken under very strict guidelines. I do not use citrus pectin products, nor any combination of citrus pectin and alginate, because they do not allergy test well with my patients. Most autistic children do not tolerate citrus or citrus pectin well.

Cilantro is not used in my office, because I have worked with doctors who conducted before and after tests with cilantro and no significant heavy metals were excreted. Alginate and pectin have been shown to remove a large percentage of heavy metals over a relatively short period of time from the body.

I also recommend trying to find a physician who practices Biosyntonics, which is a practice that medical doctors use in France. I was trained by doctors from France and this was so impressive. Within a short 30-40 minute biosyntonic session, large amounts of heavy metals were excreted from the body and in some cases I witnessed over five times the normal level in just one session. The sessions are noninvasive and are to be done only once a week, because they are very powerful. The concept is based on cellular fluidity and the levels in the bones, lymph and blood, which is where heavy metals and other toxins are present. Biosyntonic therapy helps to balance the meridians in the body, eliminate large amounts of toxins, and reset energy circuits in the brain as well as the body. Ceramic discs are placed on and around the body and the patient relaxes to music or quiet for about 30-40 minutes. There are no magnets involved and it is a relaxing process. Call me for further details. There are very few doctors in the U.S. at present who are trained to do Biosyntonics.

Yes, I am working with several other milks and some of them have shown even better results with patients. The water buffalo milk is so very high in the good fats, with 50 percent more fat in the milk than cow milk and 40 percent less cholesterol. For the last 28 years I have recommended water buffalo mozzarella cheese for patients who could not tolerate cow or goat milk, with excellent results.  Many of my autistic patients use the cheese and yogurt. I am working with the water buffalo dairies here in the U.S. to get more milk production going for the consumer. The taste is wonderful. It has a sweet taste. I am also testing children on donkey milk and I am seeing great results with this. Donkey milk is the closest to human milk of any animal being milked. It has 5 times the amount of vitamin C while camel milk has only 3 times more vitamin C than cow milk. It is extremely high in vitamins and minerals and is an abundant source of proteins as well as calcium and phosphorus. I am working with donkey farms across the U.S. to try and get them to start milking. I have had great success with the children I have been working with on an international basis with the donkey milk.

I have tested many patients on the powder milk and no patient has had any positive results. The powder milk has not lowered glucose levels in my diabetic patients and I have not had even one autistic child who had any improvement on the powder milk. Once we return them to the fresh milk they all have excellent results. Do not waste your money on this milk. People selling the milk promise that it works just as well, but that has not been the case at all in my practice.

No, not necessarily. Much of the medical type insulin is destroyed in the stomach and you have to take higher doses of the medical type insulin than the camel milk. The insulin properties in the camel milk are not destroyed in the stomach and are able to pass through to the intestines where they are better utilized and absorbed by the body. In my practice I have all of my diabetic patients on a gluten and casein free diet. Medical studies have shown that casein in cow milk raises glucose levels while the camel milk actually lowers the glucose level as well as cholesterol levels. More recent studies show that gluten also will raise the glucose levels. You will need to drink a specific amount of the milk. This is included in my protocol along with other specific supplements. For instance, new studies out this past year link diabetes with environmental toxins such as heavy metals and/or pesticides insecticides, etc. I have always checked all my diabetic patients for these toxins and have found that to be true in my practice. There is a specific protocol for lowering the levels of these contaminates.
There are also specific nutrients that I add to each patients regime that also lower the glucose levels. Therefore with a low carb diet, exercise, and following the protocol described above with the incorporation of the camel milk I have seen dramatic changes in glucose levels!!

I have worked with autistic children daily for almost 30 years and have seen many children recover from the autism symptoms, but only when all of the heavy metals and other toxins have been dealt with. I have seen autistic children in my practice who have been on the milk 3 years or more and once the heavy metals are gone, they do fine without the milk. But I have also seen many children who have discontinued the milk and still have heavy metal overload and the symptoms reappear within a period of time. You will need the milk as long as the heavy metal levels are elevated, and even once the levels are in a normal range you should still continue the milk another 4-6 months to help with any pathogen residue.

A “die off” usually appears after the child has been on the milk for more than a week or two, but not always. The child can exhibit symptoms such as earache, sore throat, headache, and they may also have a low-grade fever, in other words symptoms are more cold or flu like in nature. An allergic reaction to the milk will appear within a few hours or days. And the symptoms will usually result in a rash or welt or eczema and the child may even have loose stools. If this is the case, then stop the milk for the 72 hours recommended and then start them back on a very low dosage. If the symptoms reoccur, then stop the camel milk. I also have found that in many children that if I start them on DPPIV and specific enzymes that we have for the milk in my practice, then often the child is able to handle small amounts of the milk without any adverse effects. The DPPIV needs to be started at least 48 hours before ingesting the milk. If the milk is contaminated in some way then you may see vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc. and need to stop the milk immediately. If the child has had a toxic exposure to an outside element such as a chemical, pesticide, insecticide, etc. then the autism symptoms that are neurological will be more evident, such as outbursts and agitation, etc.

If your child has been on the milk for an extended period of time with no adverse effects, then I doubt that he is allergic to the milk. Several things should be considered. He may be having a “die off” effect, because the camel milk has antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial properties and if the dosage is too high it may be causing these pathogens to “die off” too rapidly. Stop the milk for 72 hours (3 days) then restart the milk at a much lower dosage. His supplements may also need to be adjusted. The milk is so rich in vitamins and minerals that he may not need the high amounts that he may be taking in pill form. Another possibility is that your child may have been exposed to a toxin of some kind, such as a pesticide or insecticide. I would need to know his exact symptoms to help determine this.

Each individual is different and the dosage for each illness is different. For instance, a patient with diabetes may need more than an autistic child, and a cancer patient may need more than someone with Crohn’s disease, etc. Each child in my practice is tested for the correct dosage and I have seen children who can tolerate only 1 tablespoon for the first few days to children who need 8 or more ounces in the beginning. I consult with patients from around the world who are unable to come to my office and the formulation of the dosage is based on age, weight, degree of autism and other health related factors such as specific allergins, etc. All of these factors are considered in the equation of the milk dosage and the children seem to do very well. There will be a point in time when your child will reach a maintenance dosage, and then after many months on the milk the child may even be able to maintain on a lower dosage than in the beginning, while still retaining the excellent benefits of the milk, although each case is different.

The milk will help with lowering glucose levels, but more success is seen when the patient is on a low carb, gluten free, casein free diet. Medical studies have shown that cow milk raises glucose levels and that camel milk actually lowers glucose levels and cholesterol. Recent studies have also shown that gluten can raise glucose levels as well. Therefore, for best results I recommend the camel milk along with a low carb, gluten free, casein free diet.

I do not recommend honey. Medical doctors do not allow children under the age of 2 years to have honey, because it can negatively affect their health. Your child’s immune system is already compromised and raw honey can develop mold and aflatoxins, therefore I do not allow our patients to use it. Honey can also cause blood sugar levels to spike. I have had great success with Grade B organic maple syrup. I recommend the 365 Brand from Whole Foods. Use maple syrup or any sweetener in small limited amounts. Sugar can feed the mold, candida, aflatoxins, etc. in the child. I have also had some success with agave. Each child is different as to what they can tolerate. Try instead making a fruit smoothie with fresh fruit that the child is not allergic to and the camel milk.

If your child does not exhibit symptoms of hyperactivity when drinking the milk during the day, then the answer is, “No.” I have tested hundreds of autistic children and have never had this experience with any of my patients. I would question the dosage you are giving your child and if you are mixing anything with the milk, such as a sweetener or some type of flavoring, like chocolate. I do not allow chocolate, because it can stimulate the nervous system and cause hyperactivity. Are you giving your child any supplements with the milk or within 2 hours of drinking the milk? This can also cause problems. I have also found that often the supplements may need to be reduced if the child is drinking more than 8 ounces of the milk daily, because the milk is such a great source of nutrients. They may be getting more than they need of a vitamin or mineral. That is why I test each child individually.

Maybe yes, maybe no. In order for Dr. Hinkle to completely answer your question, she would need additional information from you. Call her office at 1-919-928-0821 to schedule a consultation . (Dr. Hinkle recommends that you purchase milk only from members of the American Camel Coalition because they adhere to her strict guidelines.)

Absolutely! Dr. Hinkle offers consultation sessions by telephone and in her office. Contact her for a consultation at 1-919-928-0821.

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